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Always Rising

Oil and Energy is committed to placing integrity, humility, and an emphasis on education at the forefront of mineral asset acquisitions and investments. Our dedication lies in prioritizing transparency and direct interactions in service of you and your family's best interests, rather than the interests of bankers and intermediaries. We are here to ensure that your venture into mineral assets is both profitable and empowering.

Oil and Energy Investor, a distinguished subsidiary of TPA Gold Corporation—one of the globe's leading private institutional dealers in precious metals—is dedicated to providing transparent and equitable investment opportunities in the post-COVID era. Our guiding principle revolves around simplicity and clarity; if an investment cannot be easily explained through straightforward infographics, it does not meet our standards. We are committed to offering secure and stable High Yield Investment options tailored to meet the needs and expectations of our investors.

Oil and Energy operates beyond the confines of the conventional banking sector. Oil and Energy, a trailblazer in Financial Technology (FinTech), spearheads efforts in the United States to transform traditional banking. Through the utilization of technology, FinTech companies like us provide innovative solutions that traditional banks cannot match.

As a FinTech entity, Oil and Energy is officially registered with FINCEN as a Money Service Business and adheres to SEC regulations for all Regulation D 506 investment offerings.

Curious about what exactly defines a FinTech? You may already be familiar with the services they offer, even if you haven't identified them as FinTech companies.

A New Approach

In the past, the chance to invest directly in lucrative oil and gas ventures within the USA was typically reserved for individuals with significant wealth. Our objective is to democratize access to these investments.

Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and state-of-the-art analytical tools, we have developed reliable, high-yield investment products. These offerings enable investors to bypass traditional financial intermediaries, allowing for direct earnings from passive income with annual returns of up to 13%.

Discover our wide range of investment options, available to both accredited and non-accredited investors:

Regulation D

Accredited Investors Only

Starting at a minimum investment of $100,000, accredited investors have the flexibility to select from a variety of terms, ranging from 1 to 11 years, with attractive annual yields between 9% and 13%. Additionally, investors have the choice of receiving their returns as monthly payments or opting for monthly compounding interest to maximize their investment growth.

Regulation A

Temporarily Unavailable

With just a $5,000 minimum investment and a 3-year term, investors nationwide can tap into annual yields of 9%, enjoying the benefit of consistent monthly interest payments.

Building Value from the Ground Up

Our company was established with a fundamental mission: to aid landowners throughout the mineral-rich American West and beyond in unlocking the full potential of oil and gas exploration on their properties.

Thomas J. Watson once remarked, "Nothing happens in business until something gets sold." This principle resonates across various industries. Take the agricultural sector, for instance: a field of unharvested wheat holds inherent value, which increases through processes like harvesting, milling, and transportation. When a skilled baker transforms wheat flour into bread using yeast, oil, and water, the value further escalates. This principle of enhancing the value of raw materials through refinement, specialized skills, and expertise applies equally to the Oil & Gas industry.

Our mission extends to providing comprehensive support, including pre- and post-transaction assistance, expert tax advice, advanced technological solutions, sophisticated analytics, and high-return investment opportunities. Our goal is to equip you and your family with all the necessary resources to transform dormant or underleveraged mineral rights into passive income sources, thereby fostering generational wealth. Our approach is structured around three foundational pillars.

Mineral Rights Education
Financial Security
Investment Longevity

The pathway to unleashing the complete potential of your mineral rights starts with knowledge. By teaming up with Oil and Energy Investor, you gain entry to a devoted team with decades of unparalleled expertise. Our goal is to furnish you with a comprehensive comprehension of the genuine value of the mineral rights beneath your property, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

Utilizing our industry-specific expertise and advanced analytical tools, we strive to provide our partners with unmatched financial stability and peace of mind. By delivering precise valuations, exclusive private corporate bond options, and a varied investment portfolio, we ensure that you have access to secure financial solutions customized to your requirements.

Your long-term financial prosperity is of utmost importance to us. Whether it's optimizing interest rates or maximizing asset return on investment (ROI), our collaborative efforts with landowners and individual investors are centered on devising strategies that lay the groundwork for enduring generational wealth. Our aim is to assist you in creating a financial legacy that stands the test of time.

Our Process

As your dedicated partners, we prioritize ensuring that the sale or lease of your mineral rights is conducted swiftly, efficiently, and transparently. Our approach is built upon a proven, expert-backed three-step procedure. Here's how it unfolds:

Pre-Closing Check

The process initiates with an initial assessment of your property rights. After this preliminary review, we provide you with a formal purchase offer, valuing the interest in question through comprehensive analysis.

Once you accept and sign the offer, we proceed with a meticulous verification of your title. This crucial step ensures a seamless transaction process and adherence to the scheduled completion date.

In the final stage, we facilitate the secure transfer of payment, marking the near completion of the process. On average, the entire closing period typically spans approximately 20 business days.

We recognize that inquiries, especially concerning taxation and royalty payments, may arise after the sale. Be assured that as your partners, we are prepared to provide thorough explanations and assistance at all times. For any further questions or to begin the process, we encourage you to arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our oil and gas specialists. Let's navigate your next steps together.

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