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Hyper Yields with

Oil & Energy Investor

At Oil and Energy Investor, our main focus is on oil and gas development and investment opportunities designed to prioritize the financial security of your family, rather than solely serving the interests of Wall Street or Bay Street.

Start laying the foundation for generational prosperity and the legacy of your own family lineage. Contact us today.


The initial stride towards optimizing the value of your mineral rights entails grasping the precise assets present on your property. Our prominent AAPL US-based land team utilizes decades of industry-specific expertise to ensure you're fully informed throughout the process.

Enhancing Your Understanding

of Mineral Rights

We prioritize your enduring financial security. From interest rates to asset return on investment, we collaborate with landowners and individual investors to pinpoint and execute strategies that establish lasting generational wealth.

Empowering Through Mineral Rights Knowledge

Navigating the ever-evolving energy market can induce stress. By employing cutting-edge analytical insights and years of experience, we furnish our partners with contemporary solutions for stability and assurance.

Securing Your Financial Future

Maximizing the value of your mineral assets need not be a daunting task. Our enterprise streamlines the process by leveraging property acquisitions and investment opportunities, guaranteeing you receive all entitled benefits. This is accomplished by focusing on three core principles.

Our Story

Our Bond Offerings

Regulation A+

Temporarily Unavailable

9% Annual Yieald

3-Year Term

$5,000 Minimum Investment

Interest Paid Monthly


Your Terms. Your Returns

Regulation D

9% – 13% Annual Yield

1-Year to 11-Year Terms

$100K Minimum Investment

Monthly or Compounding Interest

Accredited investors are individuals who meet certain criteria, such as having a net worth exceeding $1 million (excluding their primary residence), or an individual income surpassing $200,000, or a household income exceeding $300,000 for the past two years, with a reasonable expectation of the same for the current year. For more information on accreditation requirements, click here to explore further details.
Nationwide Reach, Right at your Fingertips
Oil & Energy Investor operates out of Sheridan, Wyoming. With an expanding list of mineral owners and investors, we have established a presence across all 50 states, underscoring our extensive nationwide reach and influence.
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